Download Rundeck Pro 2.4.5

Release Date: 2018-11-09

Note: This is a patch release, click here for the latest release.
Please Note: After you download:
  1. Install your "rundeckpro-license.key" file for full functionality.
  2. If you do not have a License Key file, please contact Support

Changes in this release:

Please make sure to read the Upgrading instructions if you are upgrading from Rundeck Pro 2.3.x (Core 2.10.x).

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package rundeckpro-launcher-team-2.4.5.jar 46df1fe6742303b7157810511631fba163d71553bdb55c3c31c8bc13ab0ec0cf

package rundeckpro-team-2.4.5.war 60077e0a9a935c03bc38078bf9d275b21d2ecb5b31c3e57fb6cab442066f0f05

package rundeckpro-team-2.4.5-GA.noarch.rpm 616f26f3b88369cd149ff32c2ccfe6a78f642b09356bd3a9a4e254b29d2e2787

package rundeckpro-team_2.4.5-GA_all.deb 54514c120a0c8651041e274371220ee9d024ab02a1b741f8454637d4fe5a3fe4


package rundeckpro-launcher-cluster-2.4.5.jar fa8b29e9717a5f1ec07714af00a532ebec700398583106f16e0c527ef8e38168

package rundeckpro-cluster-2.4.5.war 84871f2b863b8ea6a9c4545f7545caa2e191ef5c48d31379b7eef95da0d3df63

package rundeckpro-cluster-2.4.5-GA.noarch.rpm cfcb222d0e6601e6bba8d1e0c9d98ce36f8a7b23a8362a17ff8774802d3ef14f

package rundeckpro-cluster_2.4.5-GA_all.deb d4059196f578608293bf242d3c95a533beb9bb11a53804cbfeb7165d13cb114f


package rundeckpro-launcher-windows-2.4.5.jar 9940f20df37bb58e995148ee5c03e3e2a64d25f62d6e104d5a244b7386c9fe3c

package rundeckpro-windows-2.4.5.war b5b9edb326b93a0bae1dbead00cbb89220580319827bb96107f49e6f40a65159

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Install Instructions


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Install Rundeck Pro on Windows

Installing the Rundeck Pro License Key

Install License Key on Rundeck PRO

Upgrading from 1.1.x

Upgrade the WAR to 1.2.x PRO

Getting Started

  • Watch this video to learn how to get the most from Rundeck Pro.
  • Login and learn basic navigation in the Getting Started page.
  • Learn how to create your first project and jobs in the Tutorial.

You may evaluate RUNDECK for free for 15 days. After the trial period you will need to purchase a license to keep using RUNDECK and to receive support.