Download Rundeck Pro 2.4.0

Release Date: 2018-05-11

Please Note: After you download:
  1. Install your "rundeckpro-license.key" file for full functionality.
  2. If you do not have a License Key file, please contact Support

Changes in this release:

Rundeck Core:

Please make sure to read the Upgrading instructions if you are upgrading from Rundeck Pro 2.3.x (Core 2.10.x).

Bug fixes:

  • Slow page loading due to Scheduled Jobs forecast timeline
  • Execution Report > Workflow graph might not work if the execution was aborted
  • Scheduled jobs graph: fix time axis labels


  • Cluster Manager: View member stats for Log Storage
  • Cluster Manager: Job Schedule Timeline for multiple projects
  • Encrypted key/config storage enabled by default for new installs:
    • The default encryption algorithm is stronger than the “Default JCE Policy” used in earlier versions of Java 1.8
    • Note: If you receive an error message about encryption policy strength with creating projects or keys you will need to upgrade your Java 1.8 version, or set the encryption algorithm in to a lower strength algorithm such as PBEWithMD5AndDES


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package rundeckpro-launcher-team-2.4.0.jar 090124895966740675c0007944543510ad441b71682ea1f266389d1753ccae18

package rundeckpro-team-2.4.0.war e7b2f36b5cf913e74f41817d4e08456099daf07b0e1eeafa549838aec92db4ac

package rundeckpro-team-2.4.0-GA.noarch.rpm 4a0f00058de03a39b09e776f3a94914d968c9e67aba91dada181faf8f8ccc941

package rundeckpro-team_2.4.0-GA_all.deb c8ffaa5df8e4ebb7ed9b626bb75a93d6957083513ffcd7087b0ee31fddb384fd


package rundeckpro-launcher-dr-2.4.0.jar 7e0a695653f1fbe3c3ac1d578c35c6fd1b3338670c1fff84832a3cd382d7abd9

package rundeckpro-dr-2.4.0.war 52142f7251bf15dd7d7d934b52bb6f36cb7aed550c1916ed0d3327410dd53f33

package rundeckpro-dr-2.4.0-GA.noarch.rpm fa56a3e4f0c2ac62165cd61d2a67cc91a58a7f379ca8c49363b8b8481665941c

package rundeckpro-dr_2.4.0-GA_all.deb c5c5581a82d9f8ed5514cf604f84a5810f4be3bcce417b6b0070b4a9d1db855e


package rundeckpro-launcher-cluster-2.4.0.jar e82672104d6fdb1c2e210f70109dc983250a0312525ebb2603c8aa2ba3ac695f

package rundeckpro-cluster-2.4.0.war cb4d7f863da2d15d8dbb2a11bf5300e547f3940f64517297dd626c444695c8f4

package rundeckpro-cluster-2.4.0-GA.noarch.rpm 7ce93f41d7d8749dd1e104ed41374af6364e959f9fb06daeced0939536f3e446

package rundeckpro-cluster_2.4.0-GA_all.deb ad5a9d4c5dc487c3e0e26745198c9832d649899aac23dd683daf48623b230785


package rundeckpro-launcher-windows-2.4.0.jar 4283f9c0bfb295349b9e21f9b81c63006edfb1edee4412f306d3ce96947f02ee

package rundeckpro-windows-2.4.0.war f367de527e38cbd89e43e499af5bd0eefdbc0f4421d2e8ff00a6e22630e5461a

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