Download Rundeck 3.0.5

Release Date: 2018-08-28

After you download:

  1. Install your "rundeckpro-license.key" file for full functionality.
  2. If you do not have a License Key file for Rundeck 3.x, please contact Support.

Note: A license key issued for Rundeck 2.x will not work for 3.x. You must contact Rundeck Support for a new license key.

Changes in this release:

  • Upgrade to Rundeck Core 3.0.5.
    • This is a major update to Rundeck Core: See the Release Notes for 3.0.0 for more information.
    • Be sure to read the Upgrade Guide if you are upgrading from Rundeck Core 2.11 or Rundeck Pro 2.4 or earlier.
  • Powershell Plugin:
    • Improved copy-file method for Powershell 5
    • Support disabling SSL Host Verification
  • Support Encrypted config values in file
  • New Bundled Plugin:
  • New PRO Plugins:
  • Cluster Manager:
    • Job Schedule Forecast moved into separate page
    • Project and job execution or schedule disablement is shown in the GUI
  • Bug fixes
    • Pro UI plugins fail to load if grails.serverUrl ends with /
    • Incorrect text in tooltip on Plugins Control page
    • ACL Manager GUI: Can’t use .* or any wildcard on Project Name for the project context

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package rundeckpro-team-3.0.5-20180828.war 00981a4dc5943fcc3744356e8d9f86d871e52ac2be8b113a54297f9444a0ee7c

package rundeckpro-team- 27db1c26ab3d5c7ec9c00b5c90f8892e6e9b995652487d7b20c21ebf522696ce

package rundeckpro-team_3.0.5.20180828-1_all.deb 2d6eae1a65f21af44b3ce03f2cd10cdbad781219cd582bdb99d99f49e23af766


package rundeckpro-cluster-3.0.5-20180828.war fa646a32a953312692546c3d6b535dbaef762ffd59052f33b4626dfd1b27ddb4

package rundeckpro-cluster- 2398cb58a79ad34591c167ac29682a4c3f3c644e66b9372bb2b2c739449cbf16

package rundeckpro-cluster_3.0.5.20180828-1_all.deb 5ec781fa008a7de09ec2fe3c954af7d61d2c021ea57a7ae288b651a34b281922


package rundeckpro-windows-3.0.5-20180828.war f33ee76f094e9e5e396311f63ad64c4bc44ac741cc747d0f6b208235aad7ce46

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